Friday, January 4, 2008

Lesbian Pedophiles

"...I want to cover something and I'm not going to mention it again. The alternative lifestyle. The only significance that has in this case is to show why we would have female abusers and female victims".
Mary Kay Delavan -prosecutor at second trial.

The above statement implies a direct link between lesbianism and the sexual abuse of girls.

That idea is patently and categorically false.

During the 1980's the media regularly reported that boy's were being sexually molested by "gay priests". The notion being that Catholic priests who molested (usually adolescent) boys were homosexuals. By definition a homosexual is an adult whose sexual interest is adults of their own gender. These priests were not homosexuals but rather pedophiles, as their only sexual interest was in children, and they had never had any sexual interest in either male or female adults. The tabloid media gave extensive coverage to these cases involving "gay priests" and the connection had been made in the minds of a large portion of the public.

Those who are morally opposed to homosexuality have long asserted a connection between homosexuality and child molestation. That belief has had many effects including the Boy Scouts of America barring gay men from scouting, and attempts to bar gay men from positions as school teachers. A 1970 survey showed 70% of Americans believed homosexuals were inclined toward sexual abuse of youth and should not be allowed to work with them. That percentage has decreased steadily, and by 1999 the numbers of people still holding that belief had dropped into the mid-teens with respect to gays, and approximately 7% for lesbians.(Herek, G. 2008)

There have been published reports claiming to show a positive correlation between homosexuality and child molestation. Peer-review of these articles shows a common flaw in research methodology. In these studies when a male perpetrator assaults a boy it is considered to be "homosexual" molestation and when a girl is abused, "heterosexual" molestation. In fact the majority of these assaults are carried out by pedophiles who tend to offend against a specific age group of children, and in many, if not most instances have no gender preference. What is critical to recognize is that most of these pedophiles have no sexual orientation and are therefore categorized as "fixated" child molesters. Another group of child molesters categorized as "regressed" have previously shown a capacity to form adult sexual relationships, but have returned to an earlier developmental stage in terms of their sexual interests. This regression is often associated with extreme levels of stress.

An important investigation in this area was conducted in Massachusetts by Groth and Birnbaum (1978). They studied 175 adult males convicted of child molestation. Interestingly, none were classified as homosexuals. 47% were classified as "fixated"pedophiles, 40% as "regressed" heterosexuals, and 13% as regressed bisexuals. Other researchers conducting similar studies have found very low rates (less than 1%) of child molestation by homosexuals, and no positive correlation in terms of sexual interest in boys. (Jenny et. al., 1994; Freund et. al. 1989)

Today, professionals and academics working in the child abuse field no longer believe homosexuals pose an elevated risk to the sexual abuse of children relative to heterosexuals. Regarding the relationship between lesbianism and child molestation, verified cases are so rare valid statistical inferences cannot be made.

In both Elizabeth Ramirez' trial, and the trial of the other 3 women, prosecutors inferred that their lesbianism predisposed them toward molesting girls. Sexual assault on pre-pubertal girls by adult women is a rare event. As lesbians represent a small subsample of all adult women and show no disposition toward child molestation, their involvement in these types of assaults can only be described as extremely rare. Women who assault younger children are usually seriously mentally ill and/or have very limited social skills and other problems. The four women convicted in this case are all well-adjusted and high functioning. All had shown the ability to form and maintain adult sexual relationships. Another salient characteristic of women who sexually assault prepubescent girls is that they always act alone.

While it is possible, all research findings indicate the odds of a multi-perpetrator sexual assault on prepubertal girls by four high functioning lesbians is, at best, extremely remote. Several searches have failed to find reference to another verified case. Because of this, the question arises: "Why didn't this case raise red flags, and draw significant media attention?"

Lesbian pedophiles is a myth - a figment of a homophobic imagination, and not based in reality.


Freund, K., Watson, R., & Rienzo, D. (1989). Heterosexuality, homosexuality, and erotic age preference. The Journal of Sex Research, 26 (1), 107-117.

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Anonymous said...

Nice post & nice blog. I love both.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

nice try but I see lesbians all over the place on the internet advertising and trolling for girls like it's their perfect right. Mothers with daughters advertising the ages of their daughters to other women without saying a thing about themselves are extremely popular and also the ones that come right out and say it in explicit terms. freaking criminal hypocrites. Proof? I have plenty

Darrell Otto said...

Anonymous at 12:59,

If you have credible sources showing lesbians "trolling" for pre-pubescent girls I would be very interested in seeing those. Could you please share your sources.

Anonymous said...

I have been print screening them and sending them to the FBI on a regular basis and they're everywhere and very organized so this blog's contention that it's not happening and somehow if you have any observation that someone gay is not a perfect saint you have to be a homophobe is completely biased propaganda and ignores the fact that children's lives are being ruined every day. But then I get the feeling those children's lives are of secondary concern if any concern at all. By the way that homophobe label is so overly used for so obvious reasons that it means nothing and I doubt it ever did. It's a tactic to put the other on the defensive and they've milked it to death.

Anonymous said...

they are "homosexual pedophiles".

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Were you there?? I'm a lesbian woman in my mid 20's who was in a ephebophile relationship years. ( I was the child).. I think it is totally wrong to stereotype people but you can't just say lesbian predators don't exist because I assure you they do!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

i personally know one of the ladies who has lost her life to these false allegations. she was my friend. i grew up with her from elementary school to high school, as she got married and became a mother herself. She loved her children and would never harm them or allow anyone else to, the way these allegations accused her of doing so to other children. My prayer for her is that One Day she will be released and set free from all of this......

fleurblack said...

Lesbo-pedophila is actually rampant rather than rare in girls schools, convents, colleges, prisons and Women-only festivals.
prison governors see pedo-lesbianism of womens jails as therapy for women who may have committed crimes. Hihh school girls are regularly made into lesbians buy older girl sin initiation ceremonies.
As lesbian sex esposes a girl to vaginal secretions containing estrogen it naturally brings about the BRSS that developes into the dmemetia and paranoisa dsiplayed by so many older lesbians.

Anonymous said...

That depends on what you define as straight. If a man has sex with a young boy, then yes, he is a homo based on sexual behavior definition. If a woman has sex with little girls then she is a lesbian. I use the old fashioned definition of gay/lesbian of some1 who knowingly & willingly takes part in gay/lesbian activities. Sexual orientation is a small topic-it's behavior which counts so there's no such thing as straight & then taking part in homosexual/lesbian activities willingly.

Gay/lesbian sexual behaviors are useless, worthless & comparable to crack junkyism. Even if orientation doesn't change, it's about ending gay/lesbian sexual behaviors regardless of orientation & it's best for them to be celibate. If a boy is homosexually raped, then the likelihood is more that he'll do gay activities in adulthood. There maybe other reasons why people do gay/lesbian sexual activities such as birth defect though they've not conclusively proven homosexuality's genetic.

Gay/lesbian conduct is comparable to drug junkyism & drugsaregay. Sex changes are worse & they should make it a crime to do sex change maimings.

Anonymous said...

Are you on crack? Seriously? First of all, your definitions (of gay and lesbian especially) are a little fucked up and you're placing sexual orientation into little black and white boxes, as many people do. There are many people who define themselves as straight yet have had homosexual experiences, out of curiosity or whatever reason. This doesn't make them any less straight. Second of all, if a man or woman sexually takes advantage of an adolescent, regardless of gender, it's pedophilia. There's no gay or lesbian about it since pedophiles are more fixated on age and not gender.

Homosexuality is very useful at this time, since the population on this planet is dreadfully high. Also, gay couples adopting kids from packed orphanages and giving them homes is heartwarming (and also very useful). I'm not even going to comment on the fact that you compared the 'uselessness' of homosexuality to 'crack junkyism' because it's so hilariously idiotic. You know what else is hilariously idiotic? Just about everything you said. Ending homosexual behavior? They should make it a crime to have a sex change? They should stay celibate? Really? Just when I thought you couldn't get any stupider...since when do you have any jurisdiction of what people should or shouldn't be able to do? Oh, that's right, you don't. Why don't you try being celibate? Let me see how that works out for you. 'If a boy is homosexually raped, they're more likely to do gay things in the future'...'people do gay things because of a birth defect'? You are sadly misinformed about so many things.

It's just sad to see people think like you, and the only way drugs are comparable to this situation is the fact that you're on them. I mean, seriously, how else could you get the idea for all this bullshit?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Joshua Smith said...

I was molested many times as a child. None of the people that molested me were any any way shape or form the people you crazy homophobic people worry about. I was in the boy scouts before the gay ban. It was not my gay scout master that molested me. I was a den mother. He most have thought something was up because his interest in me saved me. I was to young and scared to stick up for him back then. I am now in collage it the reasons behind pedophilia is quite simple. OPEN A HISTORY BOOK. Before 1500 if a girl was not married before her first period then she was shunned and could never marry. There are so many classic love stories that people don't seem to get the woman is around age 6 the male age 30. Like Romeo and Juliet. The reason this happened is simple if you had a daughter in the ancient world she cost you a arm and a leg and was not allowed to help you earn a dime. While men were expected, even as farmers, to pay what would be millions today to marry. Two goats and a horse seem cheap in modern eyes but are like asking for two small business with steady profit at a high end luxury car. It took men saving from age 4 Or 5 until 30 to afford a wife. So men had to work years and fathers sold daughters as soon as possible. Any time you read virgin in old writing it dose not mean has not had sex it means has not had a period. All you homophobic people made it easier for women to rape and molest me because women don't molest little boys. Tell that to the 20 women that molested me. or the 15 more that were in some way sexual with me by age 12. Honestly it was not the molesting the messed with my head. It was not having a clue what was going on, not having any clue why parts of it felt good, and feeling like I did something wrong. I have worked and helped a lot of people that have been molested. We all wish that it was not so taboo. So maybe we could have understood what was going on. This not not apply to people that were painfully raped or other wise hurt out side the context of sex. For example being forced to prostitute. There are so many comments on here that are flat out wrong, hateful, or not at all feeling for the child's point of view.

Anonymous said...

Infantophilia or Nepiophilia which is attraction to babies sexually leading to similarities to pedophilia. I seen this sh!7 on Shareaza P2P and various sources __ though rare it is very real though not admitted usually involves money... or a sexual perversion. L.G.B.T. how about P.E.D.O. seriously advocacy group members should be held liable and come to light with media awareness. Crack also and most usually leads to abuses. Sometimes male and female act on these offenses @ the same time. No wonder why there are violent people.... hush hush. Signed The Dirty Police; Hollywood; U name it we found it :).

Anonymous said...
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