Sunday, January 27, 2008

How Rare?

According to the FBI, and a roundup other resources on the subject (Lanning, 1992), outside of the category of female sex offender known as "male-coerced", one of the salient features of women who molest children is that they are always single perpetrators. After enlisting the help of several professional researchers, and reviewing the contents of every database we could access from Lexus Nexus to Google and more, we were unable to identify a single case, outside of this one, where a group of women cooperated in the sexual molestation of a child. Sexual assaults on pre-pubertal children by women are rare occurrences to begin with. If you can provide evidence of a verified case of a "gang" sexual assault against a child by adult women please let us know. We would be very interested.

When the realities of criminal profiles and demographics are brought into argument at a sexual assault trial, lawyers will rebut by saying that "anyone can be a sex offender". In the strictest terms, that is true. An eighty year old woman is physically capable of walking into a bank with a sawed-off shotgun and yelling "stick-em-up"; but it doesn't happen, and common sense tells us it doesn't happen. Bank robbers are almost invariably young men with some distinct personality traits. That is why law enforcement agencies such as the FBI spend so much time and energy developing criminal profiles. Behaviors and personality traits of those who carry out various types of crimes are predictable. A group of well-adjusted and intelligent women are physically capable of getting together and cooperatively molesting a child - but it doesn't happen. Women who molest pre-pubertal children display a distinct set of characteristics. They are seriously mentally ill and/or of limited intelligence and/or have social and interpersonal problems. Also, probably because they are such a rarity, they act alone.

Why was the Texas Justice System and mainstream media willing to accept without question that 4 lesbians would participate in the sexual assault two little girls? The case had more to do with fear-mongering, ignorance and opportunities for political grandstanding, than trying to hold the realities of the situation up to the light of reason. And there was little attempt to do so.

A multi-perpetrator sexual assault by adult women on two little girls is someone's sick sexual fantasy, and not an accurate reflection of reality.


Lanning, K. V. (1992) Investigators Guide to Allegations of "Ritual" Abuse. Behavioral Sciences Unit. FBI Academy. Quantico, Virginia 22135.

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