Wednesday, November 14, 2007

San Antonio

On Monday I met up with Dan Martinez who is Anna Vasquez uncle. He is involved in local politics here in the city and has followed this case closely, and tried to help Anna from the outset. Dan had two bins full of documents related to the case complete with an index. We took the majority of that paperwork to a copy place and began the arduous process of pulling staples, photocopying and re-stapling so that everything remained in order. I have a very impressive file accumulated already, and still don't have the transcripts for the second trial. My goal at this point is to start writing a report on the accusations and the trials that is fully documented. I certainly have enough information to sort through that will keep me busy for a while, but eventually I will need the second transcript. Also there is some stuff missing. That may need to be collected from the Bexar County courthouse at some point. Nevertheless it is good that we are able to prove all of the claims we have been making. In some cases some of the statements made at the trials were even more outlandish than I had been told. I sat and read Liz' trial transcript yesterday where Dr. Nancy Kellogg claimed that Satanic-related sexual abuse was a medical diagnosis supported by research reported in journal articles. How the hell this woman obtained or maintains a license to practice medicine defies imagination.

On Tuesday I met with Anna's mom Maria Vasquez, and Cassie's mom Margaret Rivera and Cassie's brother Robert and her son Michael. We went out for dinner and later went back to Margaret's house and talked about the case and our plans for the near future. I think meeting them was very useful as it gives them a sense of who I am, and also helps to establish some basic trust. Hopefully in the future we can build on that. I was unable to contact Liz' mom or any of her family members while I was here.

Well it is 5:30 on Wednesday morning and I need to get it together to catch a flight in 2 hours. It will be good to get back home to Canada and sleep in my own bed, but it is also going to be a long day as I don't get home until after midnight. I'm sure the mutts will be glad to see me again and to get out and run again.

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